Student Experience Improvement Initiative

“Rutgers has to offer a more personalized and institutionally streamlined student experience.” – University Strategic Plan, Pg. 6

In accordance with the University Strategic Plan, we are conducting the Student Experience Improvement Initiative (SEII), a comprehensive assessment of our enrollment management and student account functions across the Rutgers University system. Our goal is to drive improved, consistent levels of student service across the Universities. 

Project Overview

In November 2015, Rutgers retained the services of Deloitte Consulting to launch the SEII project under the direction of Barbara Lee, Mike Gower and Michele Norin. This included an initial assessment of enrollment management and student account services provided through central administration, as well as Rutgers–Camden, Rutgers–New Brunswick, Rutgers–Newark, and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences. The assessment phase concluded in April 2016 with more than 85 recommendations to consider to improve compliance, business processes, and student service.

We prioritized the following three areas for the first round of implementation. This effort began in July 2016 and is expected to conclude in November 2016.

  • Enrollment Management Service Alignment
  • Financial Aid Operational and Service Improvements
  • One Stop Shop Model Development

Why We’re Doing This

This initiative is core in realizing the goals established in the Rutgers University Strategic Plan, emphasized through Transforming the Student Experience. The Student Experience Improvement Initiative reflects the University’s dedication to providing seamless, integrated, effective and responsive student services that meet Rutgers students’ needs, aligned with the expectations associated with being a world class institution.  

“Our current students and our alumni tell us that, while they attach great value to their Rutgers education, their experience at Rutgers is or was often not as positive as it could be. Student experience today is largely defined by the University’s immense size and unwieldy bureaucracy, creating needless challenges for students navigating University systems and processes or trying to access educational and financial resources…Rutgers needs to reduce or eliminate ineffective or unresponsive elements within our student support system.” – University Strategic Plan, Pg. 6

The SEII project will realize the objectives of the Strategic Plan by:

  • Formulating data-based recommendations for enrollment management and student accounts operational models that will improve the Rutgers student experience

  • Designing and implementing smoother, efficient, standardized, and compliant processes for enrollment management and student accounts

Project Contact

Niti Baldwin
Project Manager