Why is Rutgers conducting this project?

The goal of the Student Experience Improvement Initiative (SEII) project is to improve the student experience, student service, and compliance across the University. This initiative is core to the Rutgers University Strategic Plan and emphasis on transforming the student experience, reflecting the University’s dedication to providing seamless, integrated, effective and responsive student services that meet Rutgers students’ needs. As a world-class academic institution, Rutgers must ensure it has the best processes and systems to support its students.

What schools, departments and units are involved?

The SEII includes all units dedicated to enrollment management and student accounts within central administration and across Rutgers-Camden, Rutgers-New Brunswick, Rutgers-Newark, and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences. This includes:

  • Office of Enrollment Management
  • University Undergraduate Admissions
  • Office of Financial Aid
  • Office of the Registrar
  • Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions
  • Office of Student Accounting, Billing, and Cashiering

What about other functions related to the student experience?

We recognize a number of other functional units, such as Student Affairs, provide essential services that are critical to the student experience at Rutgers. To focus on Rutgers’ highest priority areas, we currently limited the scope of this project to enrollment management and student accounts.

What aspects of enrollment management are being addressed with this project?

During the strategic planning process, we discovered current students and alumni experience challenges navigating complex systems and processes to access the services they need to enroll in Rutgers University, apply for financial aid, pay their bills, and register for classes. These are examples of areas of enrollment management that we will focus on with this project.

Will job roles change as a result of this project?

Through this project we will clarify activities and functions to make administrative processes smoother and easier for both students, staff and faculty. As a result, job functions may evolve to implement processes and deliver student services more efficiently and effectively.

How does this relate to other initiatives at Rutgers?

The SEII project directly supports the Rutgers University Strategic Plan foundational elements to be “recognized as among the nation’s leading public universities.” This initiative was launched alongside several other projects to reduce administrative burden and improve efficiency of business processes across the institution.

Why were external consultants brought in for this project, and how were they selected?

Rutgers conducted a competitive search process and, after careful consideration, selected Deloitte Consulting LLP as an external partner in this undertaking, with the core delivery team in Deloitte’s higher education practice. Deloitte was selected because of the firm’s experience with conducting business process reviews for student services functions, identifying best practices in the area, benchmarking against peers, and evaluating and redesigning policies, procedures, and processes related to enrollment management and student accounts.

When can I expect to see results from this project?

We are now conducting wave 3 of implementation, which is expected to conclude in October 2017. This effort includes activities related to: student accounting business process redesign, activity analysis for financial aid, student accounting, and registrar functions, and one stop implementation support.

How will faculty and staff be informed of progress?

The University Finance and Administration Project Management Office will provide updates via meetings and communications to Chancellor Units and stakeholders, and through this website.

How can I share my insights and ideas about how to improve enrollment management and student accounts?

We welcome all feedback. If you would like to share your insights, please reach out to us using the Contact Us form.