Moving to A New Student Information System

To prepare for the selection of a future SIS, Rutgers began the process of gathering and validating system requirements for the functional areas that are in scope under SEII. These include: Financial Aid, Admissions, Registrar, and Student Accounts. Building off the University’s 2014 Fit/Gap analysis, Rutgers revisited the system requirements in detail. Working sessions were held with key stakeholders from central functional areas and the Chancellor units. Staff participated in the validation of the requirements and identification of unique use-cases that are specific to Rutgers. These efforts were conducted in Fall 2016 for Financial Aid; and in Summer 2017 for Admissions, Registrar, and Student Accounts.

The next step in this process is to continue to refine the requirements by identifying instances where business processes can be modified to meet the capabilities of a new SIS. Through both SEII and ongoing process improvement efforts, we will continue to align business processes and make them more efficient. These aligned, efficient business processes will be implemented in the new SIS.

The current timeline (subject to change) is to begin selecting a new SIS in Fall 2018, with system implementation to follow.