Transforming Rutgers

Cornerstone is a multi-year strategic project to transform the administrative and student information systems and processes for Rutgers University. It lays the groundwork to modernize, unify, and simplify how we work in the areas of – budget, finance, human resources and payroll, procurement, and expense management.

In the past, our systems and processes were disconnected from each other, inefficient, and constrained by outdated technology. In recent years, we have taken steps to close the gaps in our infrastructure, to standardize our processes, and to update systems to unify our employees under one Rutgers identity.

Cornerstone will enable effective and efficient service delivery to the University community, guided by –

  • our people and organizational structures,
  • our business processes,
  • the impact of our services on internal and external customers,
  • the way we measure our performance and apply metrics, and
  • the technologies we use to conduct business.

For more information about this initiative, visit the Cornerstone website. To learn more about active Cornerstone project, visit the University Finance and Administration Project Management Office website.