University Finance and Administration

Our Goal: Efficient, Effective Services

Under the leadership of J. Michael Gower, the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration and University Treasurer, University Finance and Administration directs the financial management and planning activities of the university, collaborating with leaders from the campuses, schools, and administrative units.

The University Finance and Administration division is responsible for many of the integration efforts between legacy Rutgers and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences, focusing on efficiency and effectiveness of financial and administrative services for the new Rutgers.

The division works with leaders to refine the new budget and financial planning model, Responsibility Center Management, while improving the flow and quality of information to management throughout the university.

Our Role Has Expanded

The Department of University Human Resources and the Office of Information Technology are now part of the division, which also includes Finance, Budgeting, Procurement Services, and Internal Audit. Our division works closely with both Institutional Planning and Operations and Enterprise Risk Management, Ethics, and Compliance.

The following offices and departments are part of the division: