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Financial Services

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Accounting / Financial Information

We perform accounting services for the Rutgers University community, prepare the university's audited financial statements, and provide guidance on our financial information system.


We lead Rutgers University’s budget-related operations, including the development of the university budget across fiscal years.  

Cost Analysis

We provide analytical and cost accounting services to ensure that Rutgers complies with federal cost principles and accounting standards. 


We support the Rutgers mission by managing a set of funds known as the “Endowment,” in addition to performing other investment-related responsibilities.  


We provide a variety of payroll services to the Rutgers University community. 


We assist Rutgers University departments and units with the purchase of goods and services, including travel.  

Risk Management

Under University Treasury, we are a universitywide resource responsible for helping Rutgers manage various risks/exposures.

Tax and Compliance

We ensure that Rutgers complies with the relevant federal and state tax laws and regulations and provide guidance on tax issues. 


In addition to managing the Department of Risk Management & Insurance, we facilitate all financial services for Rutgers University.