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Delinquent Accounts

We provide delinquent account management for students who are no longer enrolled at Rutgers. Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI), formerly known as Heartland Educational Computer Systems, Inc., provides customer service and assists former students with repayment options including collecting and processing payments. Available payment methods include online via checking (Automated Clearing House [ACH] or e-check) or credit card, phone payment via ACH or credit card, and regular mail via check or money order. 

Our office works closely with former students until all outstanding balances are paid in full. Failure to pay may result in the account(s) being directed to an outside collection agency for final action. Once this occurs, former students must deal directly with the collection agency.  

Delinquent Account Checklist 

Former students, use this checklist to ensure that your account is paid. 

Review your past due account 
  • ECSI will notify you how to access and pay your balance by mail. 

  • You are responsible for updating all contact information with ECSI. 

  • Please contact ECSI if you need help accessing your account. 

Pay your past due account 
  • You can pay by check, money order, credit card, or e-check, or sign up for a payment plan with ECSI

  • Rutgers University will not accept any form of payment for delinquent accounts. 

  • If your account has been sent to an external collection agency or law firm, you must contact the appropriate agency directly to make payments or request payment arrangements. 

Clear financial holds 
  • Financial holds will not be removed until the balance has been paid in full. 

Tax offset (SOIL) payments 
  • Set-off or offset programs divert a taxpayer’s refunds and government payments to pay federal or state debts. The Division of Taxation oversees and participates in several set-off programs that collect funds for Rutgers as well as other government entities. For more information, please visit the New Jersey Division of Taxation

Collection agencies/law firms 
  • If your account has been sent to an external collection agency or law firm, your balance is still owned by Rutgers University. However, you must contact the agency directly to make payments or request payment arrangements.