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Our Mission

As stewards of Rutgers’ financial resources, we’re also stewards of the university mission. We supply senior leadership the professional guidance, services, tools, and other information that they need to make the informed decisions that contribute to Rutgers’ standing as an academic, health, and research powerhouse. 

The Rutgers Budget

As the State University of New Jersey, Rutgers receives revenue from private and public sources and, as with other public institutions, government funding is a vital part of our annual budget.  

Tuition and fees, direct state appropriations, and state-paid fringe benefits are the primary means of support for Rutgers’ premier educational offerings. We derive additional revenue from public and private grants and contracts, auxiliary enterprises (such as student housing and dining), contributions from donors, and endowment and investment income.  

External research funding brings hundreds of millions of dollars to the university each year, providing critical support for the promising scientific endeavors that have led Rutgers to be revolutionary for more than 250 years.

Underpinning the budget is a responsibility center management budget model, a quantitative system that manages the flow of funds across the university through a set of principles, rules, formulas, and policies.

Facts and Figures

$872.8 million
Sponsored Award Funding Received
$1.77 billion
Long-Term Investment Pool
$215.1 million
Donations Received