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Service Center/Core Facility

The term “Service Centers” (also referred to as “Core Facilities”) is used to distinguish operating units within Rutgers University that provide goods or services to externally sponsored awards for a fee based on a rate schedule, and recover no more than the aggregate cost of goods or services and break-even over time. These units may sell to other departments and are expected to offer goods or services on an ongoing basis that are unique, convenient, or not readily available from external sources.

The sale of goods or services must be consistent with the university's mission and the normal activities of the college or unit associated with the organization. All entities must be able to demonstrate compliance with federal requirements, and cannot use fee structures that discriminate against federal and other funding sources. Activities conducted are not classified as sponsored research, and cannot be used to replace the performance of sponsored research. Service Center/Core Facility annual operating revenues must be at least $25,000.

Visit the Office for Research website for more information about research cores and equipment and how to become a core facility