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International Travel

Before you finalize study, research, or other university-related international travel, it is important that you are aware of any health, safety, and security concerns in the region you plan to visit. 

To prepare for international travel, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, requires that you: 

  • Register your international travel (see below).

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  • Before any faculty/staff or students travel internationally for a university-associated matter, they must first register their trip on the international travel registration site.

    Faculty/staff: Travel information is automatically downloaded from the travel system for faculty/staff arranging travel via Direct Travel or the Concur Online Booking Tool. No further action is needed.

    Students and non-faculty/staff: International travel must be registered via the International Travel Registration Form. This form provides the information needed to locate you and deliver resources to you in the event of an international emergency. Travelers are encouraged to provide as much information as possible. The more information you provide, the better we’ll be able to help you if and when needed. Please direct your completed forms and questions about the travel registration process to Matt Spaventa (; 848-932-3008). Registration is not required for personal or domestic travel.

  • Accessing medical and emergency assistance when traveling abroad can be difficult and expensive. For this reason, Risk Management recommends that all faculty and staff obtain international medical insurance.

    All students traveling internationally are REQUIRED to enroll in the the International Medical Insurance and Emergency Assistance program.

    Faculty/staff: Enrollment in the International Medical Insurance and International Emergency Assistance is automatic if faculty/staff are arranging travel via Direct Travel or the Concur Online Booking Tool. Faculty/staff booking travel outside of the university travel systems must complete and submit the International Travel Registration Form to be enrolled in the coverages.

    Students: Complete and submit the International Travel Registration Form and remit the associated trip premium to enroll in the International Medical Insurance and Emergency Assistance program. Completed forms, payments, and any questions should be directed to Matt Spaventa (; 848-932-3008). All international emergency medical services, including medical access abroad, will be provided through On Call International, affording a single point of contact for all health and safety issues.

  • The International Medical Insurance Program

    • covers injury or illness up to $250,000; 

    • has a $0 deductible for each injury or illness claimed; and 

    • allows for a cashless transaction if an approved provider is used; but 

    • does not cover nonessential services (e.g., dental cleaning, acne treatments, check-ups, etc.). 

    Dependents are eligible for coverage at an additional charge. Please provide Risk Management with your enrollment roster at least two weeks before your departure. 

    Print a copy of your ID card and benefits summary and carry it with you when abroad. Use your ID card to access the On Call international website/services abroad when/if necessary.   

    Please contact us with any questions about enrollment.  

  • On Call International provides enrolled university travelers with international emergency security and travel assistance. Enrollment is automatic for faculty/staff arranging trips via Direct Travel or the Concur Online Booking Tool. Students will be enrolled through their international study program administrators.

    On Call International can be reached at 1-800-850-4556 for traveler assistance.