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We are pleased to announce that the Rutgers University Policy Library has been upgraded to accommodate the institution’s evolving needs for a modern and intuitive website where faculty, staff, students, and administrators can search for university policies. You can continue to access the library at the same URL – The library, which is managed by University Ethics and Compliance, will continue to be the official source for university policies that govern academic, administrative, financial, operational, and business affairs. The policy library’s primary functions are to:

  • enhance the university mission and strategic goals;
  • reduce institutional risks and enhance internal controls;
  • establish delegation of authority and responsibility;
  • promote compliance with federal, state, and other applicable laws and regulations; and
  • promote operational alignment, consistency, and efficiency.

Additionally, the updated Policy on Policies, formerly titled 50.1.13 – Formation Issuance, and Maintenance of University Policies, will improve policy development and management in a way that simplifies policy creation and revision, fosters collaboration, increases transparency, and maintains a historical archive of the university’s more than 300 policies.

A few notable changes to highlight:

  • All policies are displayed in HTML format to improve web accessibility and readability, particularly for individuals who utilize screen readers. Policies also can be downloaded as PDF files.
  • An improved search function allows people to filter policies using keywords and attributes other than the policy’s section number only.
  • Appendices, exhibits, and annexes will be policy attachments to make them more visible and accessible.
  • Embedded links in the previously posted PDF versions of university policies will be automatically re-routed to the new policy library homepage. Similarly, links from university websites to previously posted PDF versions of university policies will be automatically re-routed the user to the policy library homepage. If you manage a university website and need to link directly to a specific policy, you will need to access that policy’s page in the new policy library and update your link accordingly.
  • The hierarchical structure, naming, and nomenclature of the policies have not changed. You can continue to view and navigate policies by section and policy number.

If you have any questions about the policy library, please email