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Sales and Surplus

All equipment sales and surplus must be processed through Material & Logistical Services (M&LS). This allows Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, to maintain compliance with state laws and removes any appearance of impropriety in the sales process since M&LS acts as a third, impartial party. M&LS also will take responsibility for the removal and disposal of surplus equipment.


When equipment is traded in for a new purchase, the department must maintain documentation recording the trade-in. The trade-in must be listed on the purchase order and include the Rutgers property number and the serial number.

Property Management will remove the equipment from the department’s inventory. If external, M&LS will assist the department with preparing an invoice; if internal, M&LS does not need to be involved unless the department needs help with moving the equipment.

Transfers (Equipment Transfer/Disposal Form)

Internal Equipment Transfer

In instances of equipment transfers within Rutgers, the department head must sign an Equipment Transfer/Disposal Form that identifies the equipment and where it will be transferred. Once Property Management receives the signed form, the equipment will be transferred to the new department. 

External Equipment Transfer

If equipment is being transferred to an outside entity, the department must assemble two lists, one for grant/contract funded equipment and/or one for equipment purchased with other funds (including department funds). If the equipment is not grant-related, Research Financial Services (RFS) does not need to review/approve.

All grant/contract-funded equipment must first be approved for transfer by RFS. They ensure that the transfer does not violate the terms of the grant/contract that funded the equipment.

After RFS issues approval, the department head must approve both lists. Then Property Management will remove the equipment from the department’s inventory and the equipment can be physically transferred.