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Certificates of Insurance

Rutgers has many contracts and vendor/affiliation agreements with outside entities. The Department of Risk Management & Insurance is responsible for reviewing all incoming Certificates of Insurance (COIs) required from vendors, service providers and other outside collaborators. The department will also assist with the creation of outgoing COIs, as required by the university's contractual obligations with outside parties.

Requests for reviewing and/or providing COIs should be directed to the attention of Matt Spaventa at or by phone at 848-932-3008. For outgoing COIs, please provide details of the COI requirements, such as the name and address of the requestor, the date(s) and description of operations/activities and specific coverages requested.  Please provide a minimum of one week prior to the activity. A copy of the applicable agreement outlining the requirements, or a copy of an expiring COI, expedites the process.