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Short-Term Guest Requests

The Short-Term Guest Request form helps various Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) departments invite guests to the university for educational or scholarly purposes. Guests might include students of other institutions, scholars, researchers, and clinicians pursuing temporary activities at RBHS. 

Short-term guest status is generally for stays of four weeks or less and may not be used for the following: 

  • The employment of any persons in staff positions 

  • Paid faculty appointments 

  • Any other long-term or permanent member of the RBHS community 

  • Visiting researchers (a specific HR-defined paid job classification) 

  • Visiting students (an Office of Academic Affairs-defined student classification) 

The academic or administrative department seeking to extend short-term guest status needs only to complete the form after receiving approval from the Department Chair or Office Director, as well as the School's Dean or pertinent Vice President.  

All documentation must be forwarded to Kenneth Young, Assistant Director of Healthcare Risk and Claims Management (, for review and approval. Please provide a minimum of 14 days for review and consideration. 

If approved, the Short-Term Guest Request Form will be returned to the requestor and must then be submitted to Public Safety to enable issuance of a university ID card. 

Required Documentation 

In addition to a completed and signed Short-Term Guest Request application, the following documents must accompany the form: 

  • Invitation letter from the RBHS inviting department describing the purpose, proposed dates, location, and nature of the activities 

  • Photocopy of biodata page from applicant's passport (if applicable) 

  • Copy of Short-Term Guest Agreement, signed by Chairperson/Director of the inviting department and by the visiting guest 

RBHS Short-Term Guest Request Form

RBHS Short-Term Guest Agreement