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Credits on Your Term Bill

You can make adjustment credits to your term bill based on your financial aid package. You may use loans, scholarships from outside sources, and tuition remission to make an adjustment. Please be advised that you will be required to make an additional payment on your term bill if you subsequently decline or fail to qualify for any portion of the financial aid awarded. 

If your charges are partially covered by financial aid or paid in full, you must log into the Online Term Bill (OTB) to pay any charges not covered.

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  • We cannot credit your account until your loan is disbursed by the Office of Financial Aid. You can verify your loan status by contacting One Stop Student Services.

  • The foundation awarding you a scholarship unaffiliated with Rutgers can send the check or letter of intent by the term bill due date to: 

    Rutgers University Student Accounting Office 
    Dr. Samuel DeWitt Proctor Hall
    65 Davidson Rd, Room 205
    Piscataway, NJ 08854

  • Once a student is eligible and appointed, the estimated tuition remission amount will appear on the online term bill. 

    After the estimated amount is displayed, students can still address any term bill charges due that are not covered by the remission benefit, if applicable. 

    Departments will only be charged when the student has met the eligibility date associated with their appointment (this only applies to GA/TA/Fellow Remission). 

    Estimated Tuition Remission graphic
  • Learn more about third party or sponsored billing if a third party is covering all or some of the costs of attendance.

  • New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (NJPIRG) is a voluntary funding item. If you do not wish to contribute to NJPIRG, check the “no” box and the NJPIRG charge will be automatically removed from your balance due.