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Veteran Education Benefits  

Service members and veterans enrolled in classes at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, have Veteran Affairs education benefits under Chapter 31 and Chapter 33. Payments for students using either Chapter 31 or Chapter 33 benefits are applied to the student account within one to two weeks of tuition/fee reporting to the Veteran’s Administration.  If eligible, you can apply for these benefits online through the Office of Veteran and Military Programs and Services

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  • To use Chapter 31 benefits, confirm with  your  Veteran Readiness and Employment Counselor that you are authorized to attend Rutgers for the given semester. Following confirmation and certification for the semester, Student ABC will report your tuition and fees to the Veteran’s Administration after the add/drop period.  

  • Students, request verification for Chapter 33 benefits by doing the following:  

    Step 1: Log into MyVet Cert and upload your supporting documents under the “My Supporting Documents” tab. This includes your DD-214, Certificate of Eligibility, Notice of Basic Eligibility, Commander Certificate, and 22-1905 Form. 

    Step 2: Wait 24 hours before logging back in to MyVet Cert and completing the “Request Enrollment Certification” portion.  

    Step 3: Check the “My Request” tab to verify your requested certification. If you do not see the current semester under the “My Request” tab, this means that you did not request certification. Please resubmit a certification request. 

    Student ABC will receive a system-generated email notification after you have been certified for the semester. 

  • At the beginning of each semester, the Office of the Registrar provides Student ABC a list of students who receive Veteran Affairs benefits. Following the add/drop period, the certifying officer notifies us of the amount of each student's tuition and fees that will be covered. Then, we send a term bill to the Veteran’s Administration.   

    If you want to waive health insurance coverage to prevent overpayments, please notify your certifying officer.  

    Take the following considerations into account as you, Student ABC, and the Veteran’s Administration work through this process: 

    • The certifying official will notify us after your benefits are certified each semester. We cannot provide benefits information until after we receive the confirmation from the official, so please refrain from contacting us during the processing and certifying period.  

    • Students must complete and sign the RU HERE and Financial Responsibilities Statement (FRS) each semester.  

    • Term bill late fees will not be charged to students using Veteran Affairs benefits. Students will continue to see a balance on their student account until payment has been received.  

    • Veteran students will be placed on a list that will exclude them from receiving past due notices. Rutgers Health students will have a credit placed on their student account to prevent them from receiving past due emails.   

    • Students responsible for housing and dining charges must contact Student ABC to set up payment arrangements if they are awaiting their Basic Allowance for Housing stipend and are unable to utilize the Rutgers University Tuition Payment Plan. RBHS students can make payments or set up a payment plan through OnPlan.  

    • Refunds will not be issued to veteran students until their benefits have been paid by the Veteran’s Administration. Students are encouraged to set up direct deposit for faster, more secure fund issuance.  

    • Chapter 31 benefits do not include health insurance coverage; however, Chapter 33 benefits do include health insurance coverage.