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University Finance and Administration

For Advisors

The resources below can help academic advisors answer students’ questions about their accounts. This checklist takes into consideration some of the common inquiries you might receive when advising a student. Academic advisors are encouraged to take these steps in the order below.

Encourage students to register for classes and sign the  Financial Responsibility Statement.   

Avoid registering students for courses to ensure that they independently read and sign the Financial Responsibility Statement when they register. 

Show students how to access their  term bill.  

Students can find their term bill at Several payment options are accepted.  

Educate students about the consequences of delinquent term bills.  

Inform students that financial holds could be placed on student accounts, restricting access to course registration. Consult information on financial holds

Counsel students on how to remove holds.  

Review the charts for the four hold categories: 

  • Financial holds  
  • Academic holds    
  • Disciplinary holds  
  • Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) holds  

 Advise students about the financial aspects of withdrawal.  

  • The Financial Aid Withdrawal Policy details the dates for voluntary withdrawals and outlines the reduction of tuition and fees that the withdrawing student will receive.  

  • Convey to students receiving financial aid that withdrawal may result in a reduction or cancellation of their aid.